ECF Comemmorative Poster

Erie County Fair 2024 Comemmorative Poster

The 2024 Erie County Fair Commemorative poster celebrates the 100th year partnership with Strates Shows. 

The challenge faced while brainstorming for this poster was how to include all the beloved elements of the Fair into one cohesive piece. The highly detailed, ornate design of the carousel came to mind and turned out to be the perfect representation of the vibrancy and timelessness that the Fair is known for. The use of vignettes in the carousel design acted as a perfect framing device to incorporate additional scenes and elements. These portrayals span from agriculture and entertainment to fair food, competitions, and of course, rides.

During the execution of this piece, I felt that it was important to hand paint the inset paintings to capture the authenticity of those featured in the carousel. These paintings were done individually, photographed, and then refined and compiled digitally. As a whole, the poster is a combination of hand done and digital illustration.

The poster was unveiled at a ceremony during the 2023 Erie County Fair, accompanied by the Strates Family.